Smithiana Bulletin

Smithana Bulletin

The publication series (Monographs, Bulletins & Special Publications) of  SAIAB (formerly the JLB Smith Insitute of Ichthyology), honours James Leonard Brierley Smith and Margaret Mary Smith with the name Smithiana, in recognition of their many years of devoted service to African aquatic biology.

Their life’s work, a team effort, established modern ichthyology in southern Africa and laid the groundwork for the expansion of aquatic biology throughout the region.

In the Smithiana Bulletin SAIAB published original scientific articles in the fields of taxonomy, systematics, ethology, ecology, biogeography, and conservation of the fishes of Africa and surrounding oceans.

The Bulletin ran from 2003 to 2011.

Print copies are available gratis, with post & packing charges, from the Margaret Smith Library

Smithana Bulletin 13

David H. Eccles, Denis Tweddle & Paul H. Skelton. 2011. Eight new species in the dwarf catfish genus Zaireichthys (Siluriformes: Amphiliidae) Smithiana Bulletin 13: pp. 3-28. Adobe PDF icon

Errata sheet Adobe PDF icon

Paolo Parenti & John E. Randall. 2011. Checklist of the species of the families Labridae and Scaridae: an update. Smithiana Bulletin 13: pp. 29-44. Adobe PDF icon

John E. McCosker. 2011. Two new Indo-Pacific species of the sand-eel genus Yirrkala (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae). Smithiana Bulletin 13: pp.45-50. Adobe PDF icon

Franz Uiblein. 2011. Taxonomic review of Western Indian Ocean goatfishes of the genus Mulloidichthys (Family Mullidae), with description of a new species and remarks on colour and body form variation in Indo-West Pacific species. Smithiana Bulletin 13: pp.51-73. Adobe PDF icon

Leslie W. Knapp & Phillip Heemstra. 2011. Sorsogona humerosa, a new flathead fish (Scorpaeniformes: Platycephalidae) from the Western Indian Ocean. Smithiana Bulletin 13: pp.75-78. Adobe PDF icon

John E. Randall. 2011. Two new serranid fishes of the genus Pseudanthias from the Western Indian Ocean. Smithiana Bulletin 13: pp.79-87. Adobe PDF icon

Smithiana Bulletin 12

Jeffrey T. Williams. 2010. A new species of blenny, Cirripectes heemstraorum, from Cape Vidal, South Africa (Family Blenniidae). Smithiana Bulletin 12: pp.3-7 Adobe PDF icon

Cindy Kulongowski. 2010. Revision of the ariid catfish genus Galeichthys Valenciennes (subfamily Galeichthyinae), with description of a new species from South Africa and designation of a neotype for G. ater Castelnau. Smithiana Bulletin 12: pp.9-23. Adobe PDF icon

A.I. Payne, R.C. Wakeford and T.E. Ndomahina. 2010. Fish distribution and zonation along a tropical African river, the Rokel/Seli River, Sierra Leone, West Africa. Smithiana Bulletin 12: pp.25-38. Adobe PDF icon

William F. Smith-Vaniz. 2010. New species of Indo-Pacific jawfishes (Opisthognathus: Opisthognathidae) from the western Indian Ocean and Red Sea. Smithiana Bulletin 12: pp.39-54. Adobe PDF icon


Smithiana Bulletin 11

Randall E. Brummett, David Nguenga, Francois Tiotsop & Jean-Claude Abina. 2010. The commercial fishery of the middle Nyong River, Cameroon: productivity and environmental threats. Smithiana Bulletin 11: pp. 3-16. Adobe PDF icon

John E. Randall & Dennis King. 2010. Halichoeres zulu, a new labrid fish from South Africa. Smithiana Bulletin 11: pp. 17-24. Adobe PDF icon

Brett Human. 2010. Range extension and a further female specimen of the grinning izak (Holohalaelurus grennian Human 2006; Scyliorhinidae; Chondrichthyes). Smithiana Bulletin 11: pp. 25-34. Adobe PDF icon

Franz Uiblein & Phillip C. Heemstra. 2010. A taxonomic view of the western Indian Ocean goatfishes of the genus Upeneus (Family Mullidae), with descriptions of four new species. Smithiana Bulletin 11: pp.35-71. Adobe PDF icon


Smithiana Bulletin 10

Errata sheet Adobe PDF icon

Heemstra, P.C & Randall, J.E. 2009. A review of the anthiine genus Plectranthias (Perciformes: Serrandiae) of the western Indian Ocean, with a description of a new species, and a key to the species. Smithiana Bulletin 10: pp. 3-17. Adobe PDF icon

Randall, J. E. & Lourie, S.A. 2009. Hippocampus tyro, a new seahorse (Gasterosteiformes: Syngnathidae) from the Seychelles. Smithiana Bulletin 10: pp.19-21. Adobe PDF icon

Jaafar, Z. & Randall, J.E. 2009. A pictorial review and key to the shrimp gobies of the genus Amblyeleotris of the Red Sea, with description of a new species. Smithiana Bulletin 10: pp.23-29. Adobe PDF icon

Randall, J.E. & King, D.R. Parupeneus fraserorum, a new species of goatfish (Perciformes: Mullidae) from South Africa and Madagascar. Smithiana Bulletin 10: pp.31-35.Adobe PDF icon

Randall, J.E. & Heemstra, E. 2009. Three new goatfishes of the genus Parypeneus from the western Indian Ocean, with resurrection of P. seychellensis. Smithiana Bulletin 10: pp.37-49. Adobe PDF icon


Smithiana Bulletin 9

Randall, J.E., Williams, J.T. and Rocha, L.A. 2008. The Indo-Pacific tetraodontid fish Canthigaster coronata, a complex of three species. Smithiana Bulletin 9: pp.3-13. Adobe PDF icon

Randall, J.E. and Schultz, J.K. 2008. Cirrhitops mascarenensis, a new species of hawkfish from the Mascarene Islands, southwestern Indian Ocean. Smithiana Bulletin 9: pp.15-20. Adobe PDF icon

Randall, J.E. and Heemstra, P.C. 2008. Ammodytoides xanthops, a new species of sandlance (Perciformes: Ammodytidae) from Mozambique. Smithiana Bulletin 9: pp. 21-25. Adobe PDF icon


Smithiana Bulletin 8 

Tweddle, D. & Anderson, M.E. 2008. A collection of marine fishes from Angloa, with notes on new distribution records. Smithiana Bulletin 8: pp.3-24. Adobe PDF icon

Tweddle, D. & Skelton, P.H. 2008. New species of ‘Barbus’ and Labeobarbus (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) from the South Rukuru River, Malawi, Africa. Smithiana Bulletin 8: pp. 25-39. Adobe PDF icon

Schwartz, F.J. 2008. A survey of tail spine characteristics of stingrays frequenting African, Arabian to Chagos-Maldive Archipelago waters. Smithiana Bulletin 8: pp.41-52. Adobe PDF icon


Smithana Bulletin 7

McCosker, J.E. 2007. Luthulenchelys heemstraorum, a new genus and species of snake eel (Anguilliformes: Ophichthidae) from KwaZulu-Natal, with comments on Ophichthus rutidoderma (Bleeker, 1853) and its synonyms. Smithiana Bulletin 7: pp.3-7. Adobe PDF icon

Randall, J.E. 2007. Iniistius griffithsi, a new razorfish (Perciformes: Labridae) from Mauritius. Smithiana Bulletin 7: pp.9-13. Adobe PDF icon

Compagno, J.V. and Heemstra, P.C. 2007. Electrolux addisoni, a new genus and species of electric ray from the east coast of South Africa (Rajiformes: Torpedinoidei: Narkidae), with a review of torpedinoid taxonomy. Smithiana Bulletin 7: pp.15-49. Adobe PDF icon

Holleman, W. 2007. Fishes of the genus Helcogramma (Blennioidei: Tripterygiidae) in the Western Indian Ocean, including Sri Lanka, with descriptions of four new species. Smithiana Bulletin 7: pp.51-81. Adobe PDF icon


Smithiana Bulletin 6

Harrison, T.D. 2005. Ichthyofauna of South African estuaruis in relation to the zoogeography of the region. Smithiana Bulletin 6: 1-27.


Smithiana Bulletin 5

Holleman, W. 2005. A review of the triplefin fish genus Enneapterygius (Blennioidei: Tripterygiidae) in the western Indian Ocean, with descriptions of four new species. Smithiana Bulletin 5: 1-25. 

Smithiana Bulletin 4

Mbande, S., A. Whitfield & P. Cowley. 2005. The ichthyofaunal composition of the Mngazi and Mngazana estuaries: a comparative study. Smithiana Bulletin 4: 1-20.

Smithiana Bulletin 3

A.C. Gill & A.J. Edwards. 2004. Revision of the Indian Ocean Dottyback Fish Genera Chlidichthys and Pectinochromis (Percoformes: Pseudochromidae: Pseudoplesiopinae). Smithiana Bulletin 3: 1-47. 

Smithiana Bulletin 2

Richards, W.J., T. Yato & P.R. Last. 2003. Revision of the gurnard fish subgenus Otohime (Triglidae: Pterygotrigla). Smithiana Bulletin 2: 1-18. 

Smithiana Bulletin 1

Gon, O. & J.E. Randall. 2003. A Review of the Cardinalfishes (Perciformes: Apogonidae) of the Red Sea. Smithiana Bulletin 1: 1-46.