Seaeye Falcon 12177

The Seaeye Falcon ROV has opened up a new door to marine science in South Africa by providing the capability to explore depths not accessible to divers, down to a depth of 250m. This observation/small work class ROV can be operated from a small Research Vessel such as R/V uKwabelana as well as from larger platforms. It is the perfect tool for deep-water benthic surveys, exploration and limited benthic invertebrate collections.

The ROV has been succesfully been deployed for research work from R/V uKwabelana, M/V Angra Pequena and  R/V Ellen Khuzwayo.





The Seaeys Falcon is equipped with the following:  

  •     High Definition colour camera with laser scaling, zoom and 12MP stills function (SubC Imaging 1Cam)
  •     Low light black and white camera
  •     LED and HID lights
  •     Falcon Manipsys 1000 tooling skid Manipulator system  – 5 function manipulator arm
  •     Tritech Super SeaKing DFS Sonar system
  •     TrackLink 1500 USBL tracking system

The ACEP Technical coordinator is a ROV Pilot/Technician Grade II and is responsible for ROV operations. Personell other institutions including SAIAB, SAEON, DAFF and DEA have also recieved pilot training on this ROV.

To date the ROV has been used on the following projects:

  •     Benthic surveys of reef and invertebrate collections in Tsitsikamma National Marine Park - Albrecht Gotz, Anthony Bernard & Elodie Heyns (SAEON Elwandle)
  •     Benthic surveys of reef of Rye Banks (Algoa Bay) - Albrecht Gotz (SAEON Elwandle)
  •     Benthic surveys of Alphard Banks - Albrecht Gotz and Sven Kerwarth (SAEON Elwandle/DAFF/DEA)
  •     Benthic surveys of reefs in Sodwana Bay - ACEP II Biodiversity Project: Reece Wartenberg and Tony Booth (Rhodes University)
  •     Coelacanth Exploration in Jesser Canyon (Sodwana Bay) – (ACEP/SANBI)
  •     Canyon surveys in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park – Gombessa Expedition (ACEP/SAIAB/SANBI/Andromede Oceanologie)
  •     Benthic surveys of the KZN Bight - ACEP III Biodiversity Surrogacy Project: (EKZN Wildlife/UKZN/ORI/SANBI)
  •     Benthic Surveys of soft bottom in Algoa Bay - Charlie van der Meden (SAEON Egagasini)

To find out about accessing the ROV please contact Ryan Palmer on or 046 603 5872.

Footage captured at Sodwana Bay with the ROV