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The Annotated Old Fourlegs by Mike Bruton - Cover

'Christmas Fish' is back in the news and new on the book shelves

Launched at SAIAB on 16 November, this annotated version of the famous book by JLB Smith aims to keep the story alive. According to author, Mike Bruton, the book has inspired generations of ichthyologists.

Known by various nicknames, one of which is the 'Christmas Fish', the coelacanth was discovered among the catch of a trawler, Nerine, in East London harbour on Christmas eve by Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer. The story has captured both the scientific and public imaginations since its discovery almost 80 years ago.

Steven Lang was at the launch - Read 'Of strange fish and great ideas' Grocotts Mail Online 23 November 2017

The link includes an interview with Bruton about what inspired him to write the book. The book is published by Penguin and Random House.


'The Annotated Old Fourlegs' takes its place among a collection of Old Fourlegs in various languages which are housed in the Margaret Smith Library at SAIAB. The original 'Old Fourlegs' was published in 1956.

Old Fourlegs Collection - photo Sally Schramm


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