Ncumisa Yanga Matam

MSc Candidate
Ncumisa Yanga Matam


An analysis of inland fisheries resource use in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

South Africa’s Draft Inland Fisheries Policy identifies inland fisheries as an opportunity for socio-economic benefits including, jobs, rural livelihoods, food security, small, medium and micro-sized enterprises and economic development based on small-scale fishing and recreational value chains. While inland fisheries are particularly relevant for rural communities, there is very little information on the current use of these resources in South Africa, particularly the Eastern Cape.

The study will use a multidisciplinary research approach which will include a systematic review chapter, an ichthyological survey chapter, a bus route survey chapter and a questionnaire survey chapter. The research will focus on the utilisation of fish resources in nine dams found in Committees Drift (rural area), Grahamstown (urban area) and in restricted dams (Yarrow dam and Settlers dam). More research needs to be done on these inland fisheries in order to gain better understanding of their functions, assisting in the construction of a successful management strategy for inland fisheries.

Relationships between species composition, effort counts and species abundance will try being established in order to find the best suitable management strategy required for these inland fisheries which will include all user groups that are currently utilising these fisheries.

Registered: Rhodes University (Department of Environmental Science)

Supervisor: Prof Olaf Weyl (SAIAB)
Co–Supervsor: Dr Gladman Thondhlana (Rhodes University, (Department of Environmental Science)