Angus van Wyk

MSc Candidate
Angus van Wyk


Freshwater Monitoring Methods Research.

African freshwater bodies continue to not only generate economic opportunities and support riparian communities. They also provide a ‘home’ to a number of endemic and endangered species. Determining this trade-off between the needs of people and the conservation of fish species is however, no easy task.

Scientists and fisheries managers need access to reliable and consistent long-term monitoring data to make informed decisions and develop robust policy. Collecting this data is however, often a challenge and sometimes seemingly impossible in the continent’s most remote and inaccessible areas. Developing new monitoring techniques or adapting already existing technologies may then, aid in researchers or managers bolstering their monitoring capabilities.

SAIAB, with its multiple research platforms and fields (such as MA-RIP and Freshwater Research) has a unique opportunity to test and create appropriate technologies for African freshwater systems. My research interests are then, exploring what technological opportunities exist and how to implement them in an effective and appropriate manner.

Registered: Rhodes University (Department of Ichthyology and Fisheries Science)

Supervisor: Prof. Olaf Weyl (SAIAB) Co-Supervisor: Dr. Anthony Bernard (SAIAB)