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Science Advancement is a major international as well as national Science, Education and Technology (SET) thrust.

As a facility of the National Research Foundation, SAIAB's activities are driven by the NRF Vision 2015: World class research. Transformed society. Sustainable environment.

The strategic imperatives that support this vision are: Human Capacity Development, Research and Innovation and Science Advancement. 

Science Advancement at SAIAB includes a range of activities to encourage a culture of scientific enquiry and environmental awareness among people of all ages, backgrounds and persuasions.


SAIAB has close ties with the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement (SAASTA), the agency of government supported by the Department of Science and Technology to promote science advancement.

The Institute is well positioned in Grahamstown to take advantage of successful public events, such as SciFest Africa which is held annually in Grahamstown.

The ACEP Phuhlisa Programme has been established to contribute towards capacity development in marine sciences.

Publication of new knowledge generated by the Research Division is a recognised strength of the Institute. The production of Smithiana, our scientific publication series which includes the Smithiana Bulletin and Smithiana Special Publications, caters for the full range of formal outputs in this respect. For more information about Smithiana please contact the editor. The Institute is also recognised for the standard of its commercially published books.

Education in Biodiversity Matters
In order to broaden its educational reach beyond the local sphere, our strategy focuses on the development of suitable educational material that can be used by education practitioners. Curriculum-focused topics related to aquatic environments are emphasised. These are supported by interactive, fun activities.

Vanessa Rouhani: Research Support Officer

Vanessa will answer science questions and requests for information. She is also the contact for information about SAIAB's part in SciFest Africa. Please also contact her for Education related questions.