Systematics and conservation biology of estuarine gobies

Accelerated coastal development over the last 15 years is threatening many estuarine-dependent organisms.  While the need to protect these living resources is evident, the authorities in charge have a scant database on their population biology. The assumption has been that widespread estuarine-dependent species exhibit little genetic variation throughout their geographical range. This project ended in 2010 and the two MSc students that conducted the research graduated. Pholoshi (aka Thabo) Maake continued to study at for a PhD. In 2014 he published his first paper in which two genetically distinct and divergent populations of Glossogobius callidus  were described.  One population will be described as a new species of Glossogobius. The results of the research on two species of Caffrogobiusare still to be published


 A goby from Amatikulu Estuary  Collecting gobies at Shengeze Estuary