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In Memoriam – Professor Jay O’Keeffe


It is with great sadness that SAIAB notes the passing of Professor Jay O’Keeffe in the early hours of 31st December 2018...

Guide For Responsible Recreational Fishing Launched


As you head to the coast for holidays☀️remember what it means to be a #ResponsibleAngler - Read the guidelines for responsible recreational fishing...

SAIAB hosts visiting Malaysian researcher


The JLB Smith Collection Management Centre provides a collection-sorting laboratory, accommodation for collection staff and for visiting scientists.

Tackling the Taxonomic Impediment

Healthy ecosystems and biodiversity are integral to human well-being and sustainable development.

Embedding Nucleus & RRI principles at SciCom100 Conference


SAIAB’s very own thought leader in science communication, Penny Haworth (Communications Manager) presenting at SciCom100 Conference 2018.

Seminar: Denis Tweddle: 6th November 2018


Aquatic environments destroyed and fish stocks collapsed in Malawi; Twin crises facing Zambezian rivers and lakes

Seminar: Lyle Vorsatz: 25th October 2018


The importance of mangrove microhabitats occurring close to their distributional limits: An invertebrate and fish larval perspective

Review of the hunt for ‘dinosaurs’ in Sodwana Bay’s underwater canyons


Review of the hunt for ‘dinosaurs’ in Sodwana Bay’s underwater canyons.