Molecular Biology & Systematics

Molecular Biology & Systematics (MBS) research at SAIAB focuses on the exploration and description of southern African aquatic biodiversity from a molecular to a community level.

MBS projects include:

Temperate ichthyofaunal diversity and biogeography, with a focus on assessing diversity of the threatened fishes of the Cape Floristic Region. 

Exploration of southern African freshwater systems, with a focus on Zambezian fauna.

Systematic and genetic studies of fishes in the Western Indian Ocean, with special attention given to fish diversity and biogeography (part of SAIAB’s direct contributions to the ACEP and ASCLME programmes).

Southern Ocean and South Atlantic fish diversity, with a focus on barcoding and systematics in these regions.

The Fish Barcode of Life (FishBoL) a major collaboration between SAIAB and the International Barcode of Life (IBoL).  SAIAB researchers are leading and coordinating the FishBoL initiative in Africa.