Professor Paul Cowley

Red roman Just before releasing a tagged white steenbras 082 TAG FISH
Tsitsikamma National Park A recaptured, tagged fish Fish tagging team
Principal Aquatic Biologist
Professor Paul Cowley
Tel : +27 46 603 5805
Fax : +27 46 622 2403
Cell : 082 824 3474 (= 082 TAG FISH)

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Research Interests

Biology, ecology and movement of coastal fishes
Management of declining fishery resources

My research interests deal primarily with the movement behaviour, habitat use patterns and ecology of coastal fishery species with the aim of improving management and ultimately the abundance of declining fishery resources. Much of my research is done in collaboration with scientists from a number of local and international institutions.

Student training forms a very important part of my vocation and over the past decade I have been involved with the supervision of approximately 25 post-graduate students. I am a Research Associate of the Department of Ichthyology and Fisheries Science and a member of the Faculty of Science at Rhodes University (South Africa), where I also present selected lectures.

I serve on the editorial board of the African Journal of Marine Science and I am an active member of several national research coordinating, namely the Biotelemetry Research Group (BRG), the Marine Linefish Research Group (MLRG) and the Consortium for Estuarine Research and Management (CERM). I am the founder member and standing Chairperson of the BRG, as well as a past Chairperson of the MLRG. I also serve in an advisory capacity to the Linefish Scientific Working Group of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

At the international level, I am a member of the Ocean Tracking Network’s (OTN) International Scientific Advisory Committee. My involvement with the BRG and OTN in recent years had led to the development of national acoustic telemetry platform called the Acoustic Tracking Array Platform (ATAP). It is envisaged that this initiative will witness substantial growth in biotelemetry research, foster broader national and international collaboration and ensure a sustained future for the study of migration biology and behavioural ecology of marine animals in coastal waters around the African continent

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