ACEP Marine Platform


Through funding from the Department of Science and Technology (DST) ACEP  has built up a marine research platform comprised of state of the art  equipment. ACEP makes available and facilitates the use of this equipment  for projects among partnering researchers and institutions from around South Africa on a competitive open call basis, which is re-advertised every three years.

The platform is currently comprised of a 13m Research Vessel (R/V uKwabelana), a Remote Operated  Vehicle (ROV) and other specialised oceanographic and biological sampling equipment as well as skilled personnel required to operate the  equipment.

R/V uKwbelana is stationed in the Port Elizabeth harbour and operates mainly from Port Elizabeth and Port Alfred. She is however capable of travelling around the coast and can operate in other regions when required. Previously she has worked out of Port St Francis, Storms River and Durban harbour.

Priority for platform use is given to recipients of ACEP Open call awards, platform partners (eg. ATAP and the SAEON Elwandle Node Sentinal Site) and ACEP Phuhlisa Programme partners. Ad hoc use of the platforms is subject to data agreements and availability and can also be arranged by contacting the ACEP Technical Coordinator, Ryan Palmer.          






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