SAIAB Collection Facility


The SAIAB Collection Facility (JLB Smith Collections Management Centre) was designed specifically for the preservation of the National Fish Collection. Mobile shelving allows extra room for the growing number of oversized specimen tanks, and a range of new trolleys and rolling ladders make the handling and transporting of jars, tanks and alcohol drums much easier and less hazardous.

Two laboratories separate formalin- and alcohol work. These have safety devices such as eyewashers, emergency showers, a fume extraction system and closed drains. In the separate alcohol store an automated alcohol mixer handles a much larger volume of alcohol than can be managed by hand, and enables staff to control the alcohol concentration precisely. The mixed alcohol is provided on tap in the alcohol laboratory.

A dedicated glass store holds thousands of glass bottles of various types.

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GBIF data includes the whole SAIAB National Fish CollectionAmphibian Collection and collection of Invertebrates as well as observations and images

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Diversifying the natural history collection has been an on-going focus of curation at SAIAB
for some years.

Search the Marine fish eggs and larvae from the east coast of South Africa database compiled by the late Dr Allan Connell and hosted by SAIAB.



The SAIAB Collection Facility

Mobile shelving in the SAIAB Collection Facility

The formalin laboratory


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