Honorary Research Associates

The following are Honorary Research Associates of SAIAB.

2018 Peer-reviewed articles by SAIAB Scientists, Honorary Research Associates and Postgraduate Students using SAIAB’s address.

Dr Eric Anderson

Curator Emeritus


Dr Alistair Becker



Dr Rhett Bennett


Wildlife Conservation Society, Madagascar & Western Indian Ocean

Dr Steven Blaber



Dr Anton Bok


Anton Bok Aquatic Consultants cc

Prof Mike Bruton


Mike Bruton Imagineering

Dr Russell Chalmers



Prof Alan Channing

Biodiversity & Conservation Biology Department

University of the Western Cape

Dr Werner Conradie


Port Elizabeth Museum

Dr Michael Cunningham

Department of Genetics

University of Pretoria

Dr Tatenda Dalu

Freshwater Ecology Research Group

Zoology and Entomology, Rhodes University

Dr Neil Deacon



Dr Rosie Dorrington

Dept of Biochemsitry & Microbiology

Rhodes University

Prof Louis du Preez

School of Biological Sciences

North-West University, Potchefstroom Campus

Dr David Ebert

Pacific Shark Research Centre

Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

Dr Bruce Ellender

Upper Zambezi Programme

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Zambia

Prof Michael Elliott

Department of Biological Sciences

Institute of Estuarine & Coastal Studies (IECS)

Dr Enrico Gennari

Director of Research - Oceans

Oceans Campus

Mr Ofer Gon



Dr Trevor Harrison

Marine Division

Department of the Environment (Northern Ireland)

Dr Phil Heemstra

Curator Emeritus


Mrs Elaine Heemstra

Scientific Illustrator Emeritus


Dr Jaclyn (Jackie) Hill


Institute Maurice Lamontagne

Mr Wouter Holleman



Dr Jennifer Jackson

Research Scientist
Physical Oceanographer

Hakai Institute  

Dr Michelle Jackson

Life Sciences

Imperial College London, Silwood Campus

Dr Helen James

Department of Freshwater Inverstebrates

Albany Museum

Dr Martine Jordaan

Scientific Services


Mr Dennis King



Dr Alison Kock

Research Manager

Shark Spotters

Prof Leo Bernd Kramer

Animal Behaviour and Behavioural Physiology Institut fuer Zoologie   

Regensburg University

Dr Stephen Lamberth



Prof Marek Lipinski



Dr Kit Magellan

Facultat de Ciencies

Institut d'Ecologia Aquatica

Dr Nicholas Mandrak

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Toronto Scarborough

Dr Gwynneth Matcher

Dept of Biochemistry & Microbiology

Rhodes University

Dr Tshoanelo Miya

School of Life Science

College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science,
University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Westville Campus

Dr Monica Mwale

Centre for Conservation Science

National Zoological Gardens of South Africa

Dr Tör Naesje


Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) 

Dr Shirley Parker-Nance

Centre for African Conservation Ecology

Nelson Mandela University

Dr Richard Peel

Kasanka Trust Ltd

Linda Camp, Lavushi Manada National Park, Zambia

Dr Warren Potts

Department of Ichthyology & Fisheries Science

Rhodes Univesity

Prof Paul Skelton



Dr Malcolm Smale

Marine Department

Port Elizabeth Museum

Prof Jay Stauffer

Ecosystem Science and Management

Penn State College of Agriculture

Prof Nadine Strydom

Zoology Department

Nelson Mandela University

Dr Ernst Swartz


Scientia Research 

Dr Morgana Tagliarolo



Dr Jonathan Taylor

Curator: SA National Diatom Collection

North-West University

Dr Geraldine Taylor

Kasanka Trust Ltd

Linda Camp, Lavushi Manada National Park, Zambia

Dr Jane Turpie


Anchor Environmental

Mr Denis Tweddle



Dr Franz Uiblein

Principal Scientist

Institute of Marine Science

Dr Sarah Viana



Prof Martin Villet

Zoology & Entomolgy Department

Rhodes University

Dr Ryan Wasserman

School of Science

Monash University Malaysia

Dr Darragh Woodford

School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences

University of the Witwatersrand