Fishes of SA Estuaries: from species to systems

Fishs of Southern African Estuaries

Fishes of SA Estuaries - coverWhitfield, A.K. 2019. Fishes of Southern African Estuaries: From Species to Systems.  Smithiana Monograph No. 4, 495 pp.

This book is the culmination of forty years of dedicated research by the author and more than a century of work by fish scientists in the many and varied estuaries of southern Africa. It is comprehensive in its treatment of the subject and copiously illustrated with beautiful photographs and many original diagrams. Southern Africa is blessed with a high diversity of estuaries, from small blind systems to very large coastal lakes, with a variety of physical attributes and fascinating fish faunas. Hence estuarine fish research in the region has been wide-ranging and detailed - there is little about fishes in estuaries that is not covered in this volume. The contents of the book are therefore of relevance to a worldwide readership, including scientists, fishers, conservationists and environmental planners. (Foreword - Dr Stephen Blaber)

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