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Jessica Glass Giant trevally tagged ready for release Giant Kingfish

The evolution, behaviour and ecology of the Giant Trevally - Caranx ignobilis - in the
Western Indian Ocean

Jessica Glass – visiting PhD Fellow

The Giant Trevally (Caranx ignobilis), better known in South Africa by its common name, the Giant kingfish, is considered an iconic top predator on coral and rocky reefs across the Indo-Pacific and is heavily targeted by recreational, commercial and artisanal fisheries. C. ignobilis has been overfished in the most-studied part of its range (Hawaii, USA), which raises concern for its status in less-studied areas, including the Western Indian Ocean, where significant knowledge gaps concerning basic aspects of Giant Trevally biology remain.

Jessica Glass is a PhD student at Yale working with SAIAB scientists on a visiting fellowship. Her research into this important reef species in the Western Indian Ocean, in order to help fisheries managers to ensure that overfishing is not occurring, is relevant to marine spatial planning initiatives, including designating areas to conserve for reproduction, feeding and development. Research results will inform both sustainable development and sustainable tourism, with the aim of helping to provide employment and food security for coastal communities.

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