SAIAB News » Seminar: Lyle Vorsatz: 25th October 2018

Seminar Series 2018

Lyle Vorsatz (PhD Candidate, NRF-SAIAB)

The importance of mangrove microhabitats occurring close to their distributional limits: n invertebrate and fish larval perspective


Mangrove systems are among the most productive and biologically important ecosystems in the world and are generally regarded as nursery areas for many marine and estuarine species. Despite their restricted distribution, mangroves play a critical role in coastal environment. They are considered to be increasingly under threat through natural and anthropogenic disturbances.

This research aims to evaluate the fine-scale role that microhabitats play in the larval stage of fish and invertebrates that recruit into mangroves or use these systems as nurseries, as well as how larvae may have adapted physiologically to occupy those microhabitats.

This talk will mostly focus on Lyle’s recent research visit to Honk Kong, where he spent the boreal summer collecting data on mangrove invertebrate and fish larvae from a system identified as a strong local conservation hotspot.

In addition, he will be unpacking the methodology and presenting preliminary results based on the work done in both a temperate and subtropical mangrove forest in South Africa.


Date: Thursday, 25 October 2018

Time: 10.30am

Venue: Lecture Room, SAIAB

All welcome.