News » Saving the near extinct estuarine pipefish means protecting estuary health

Saving the near-extinct estuarine pipefish means protecting estuary health

The critically endangered estuarine pipefish is known from only two estuaries on the eastern coast of South Africa. Syngnathus watermeyeri was declared extinct in 1994, only to be found again two years later. Today, the species is in a precarious position due to human and natural pressures on estuarine habitats.

Read the full article on the endangered estuarine pipefish, with some input from SAIAB's Senior Scientist, Prof Nikki James and SAIAB Research Associates, Profs Alan Whitfield and Peter Teske. 

This article was published in Mongabay News:

The estuarine pipefish is found only in two estuaries in South Africa. Image courtesy of Louw Claassens.