News » SAIAB Seminar Series 2022: Professor Alan Whitfield

SAIAB Seminar Series 2022 

Thursday 5 May, 10.30am (Johannesburg)

Professor Alan Whitfield

Honorary Research Associate of SAIAB 

Fish and Fisheries in Global Estuaries

More than a decade ago, four senior ‘retired’ estuarine ichthyologists, Alan Whitfield (South Africa), Ken Able (USA), Steve Blaber (Australia) and Mike Elliott (UK), all of whom had written or edited major books/monographs on fish in estuaries, got together to begin compiling a major review on fish and fisheries in estuaries. The previous volumes that had been published on this topic all focused on particular coastal regions in the world and the objective of this new book was to be global, both in terms of geographical coverage and content. To facilitate those objectives, more than 50 authors/co-authors from around the world were invited to review the state of our knowledge on fish and fisheries in estuaries. The end result is a two volume book, published by Wiley, that is designed for use by university undergraduate and postgraduate students studying or involved in courses on fishes in estuaries, as well as academic professionals, practitioners in statutory bodies, and consultants in the ichthyological and/or estuarine ecological disciplines.

This presentation provides the audience with a ‘taste’ of this tome, which we hope will become the ‘first choice’ reference work for present and future estuarine research projects, as well as a ‘go to’ source of information for coastal ichthyologists and estuarine managers from around the world.

The webinar recording is now available from our YouTube Channel:

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