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SAIAB Seminar Series 2021 

Thursday 21 October 2021, 10.30am (Johannesburg)

Professor Mike Bruton

Imagineering; Honorary Research Associate of the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity

The Recording of this webinar is now available on our YouTube Channel:

What is science, and why is it so important today?

Science is under fire today from fringe groups who use social media as a megaphone to promote their scandalous views, yet science (and its bedfellow, technology) is more important today than ever before! In this well-illustrated and thought-provoking talk, Professor Mike Bruton, the second director of the JLB Smith Institute of Ichthyology (now SAIAB), will discuss how science evolved through the ages, what it is (and isn’t) today, the value of science and its relationship with other knowledge systems, such as indigenous knowledge, and the crucial role that science has to play in addressing (and hopefully solving) the enormous problems that face humankind and the other inhabitants of the planet today.

As Mike emphasizes in his recent books, ‘When I was a Fish. Tales of an Ichthyologist’, ‘What a Great Idea! Awesome South African Inventions’, ‘Curious Notions. Reflections of an Imagineer’ and ‘Harambee: The Spirit of Innovation in Africa’, every scientist, no matter how specialised the topic of their research, has a role to play as an ambassador for science.

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