News » SAIAB Seminar Series 2021 - Thursday, 18 November at 18:00

SAIAB Seminar Series 2021 

Thursday 18 November 2021, 18:00pm (Johannesburg)

Dr Jennifer Jackson

Hakai Institute, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada;
Honorary Research Associate of SAIAB


Deep waters in British Columbia mainland fjords show rapid warming and deoxygenation from 1951 to 2020

Glacially carved fjords draw their deep waters from adjacent offshore ocean basins through a combination of upwelling, cross-shelf transport, tidal mixing and estuarine circulation related processes. We studied data spanning seven decades from four such systems covering four degrees of latitude along the Pacific coast of Canada and found that fjord deep waters below sill depth were warming two times faster than their offshore source waters. Changes in temperature were accompanied by significant trends of decreased oxygen concentrations and increased salinity. Potential processes explaining these anomalous responses to climate change and how they impact the marine ecosystem will be discussed.

 (The journal article on which this presentation is based on can be downloaded from this LINK)

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