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SAIAB Seminar Series 2022 

Thursday 4 August, 10.30am (Johannesburg)

Dr Chantel Elston

Postdoctoral Fellow, SAIAB 

Science on my doorstep:
What lives in the Keurbooms estuary?

The webinar recording is now available from our YouTube Channel:

The Keurbooms estuary is hard to miss if you’re in Plettenberg Bay. Part of the town, it’s an ecosystem that many people from all walks of life interact with, care about, and use for resources or pleasure on a daily basis. Yet, hardly anybody knows what swims beneath its calm surface or how important the estuary is to a whole community of marine life too. That’s what a collaborative project between SAIAB and the ORCA Foundation are trying to find out!

Since April 2021, postdoctoral researcher Dr Chantel Elston and the ORCA team have been deploying a BRUV system in the estuary almost every week. This BRUV system consists of a weighted rig with a GoPro and bait bag attached. The bait attracts whatever is around, and the GoPro records it!

Through 172 hours of footage and waters of all different colours: blue, green and even red, this project has started discovering the incredible life living in the Keurbooms estuary – including some surprising and unexpected inhabitants such a critically endangered stingray.

Come and peer into the underwater world and learn that through scientific research like this, we can understand and better appreciate the natural world right on our doorstep.

The webinar recording is now available from our YouTube Channel:

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