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SAIAB Seminar Series 2023

Tuesday 7 March 2023,

10.30am (Johannesburg)

Dr Fortunate Phaka 
(Postdoctoral Research Fellow, SAIAB)

Bringing Science Communication, Local Languages and Cultures into Herpetology

South Africa's richness in biodiversity and cultural diversity makes it an ideal place for research jointly focused on biodiversity and cultural diversity. Herpetological research often takes us to biodiversity and cultural diversity hotspots, thus providing the access required to investigate the intricate relationship between the two. This research has revealed that nature-based cultural practices and norms relating to herptiles can be grouped into various categories with both negative and positive implications for herptile conservation. Among these categories are language and classification, which help to understand the cultural perspectives of amphibians and reptiles. The outcomes of this transdisciplinary research include science-based recommendations for socially inclusive conservation planning, as intended by South African legislation, and science communication that is relatable to its recipients.

The webinar recording is now available from our YouTube Channel:


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