News » SAIAB Postdoctoral Research Fellow Receives SASAqS Bronze Medal

NRF-SAIAB Postdoctoral Research Fellow Receives SASAqS Bronze Medal

NRF-SAIAB boasts many talented researchers, including a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the University of Mpumalanga, Dr Takudzwa Madzivanzira, who was recently awarded a Bronze Medal at the Southern African Society of Aquatic Scientists (SASAqS) Congress.

The congress was hosted by the University of the Free State at Amanzi Private Game Reserve in June under the theme “Valuing our river systems: source to sea”, which envisions a world in which land, freshwater, coastal and marine resources are managed holistically, balancing benefits for the environment, communities and the economy from source to sea.

The congress provided an important forum for the discussion of research, management and conservation of inland waters throughout Southern Africa.

It was at this conference that Dr Madzivanzira was recognised for his excellence. SASAqS awards a bronze medal irregularly in recognition of an outstanding, specific piece of work by a junior scientist or manager. Dr

Madzivanzira proves to be exceptional with his various accolades. Last year, he received an NRF Research Excellence Award for Next Generation Researchers at the NRF Awards. His research focuses on the biology and impact of non-native crayfish in sub-Saharan Africa.

SAIAB’s Freshwater Research Team at the SASAqS congress.