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Manda Kambikambi has been appointment to serve on the student board of the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO). ASLO is a scientific society established in 1936 with the goal of advancing the sciences of limnology and oceanography.

ASLO was once an American Society, however overtime it has transformed and grown to become an international society. “Currently, the majority of members are from the United States of America and the board largely consists of American members with the exceptions being the President who is from Canada, a Member-at-Large from Germany and myself from Zambia,” said Manda. Being elected to serve on the ASLO board and the only member representing Africa on the board, Manda said that she is very honoured to have been elected - “It’s a fulfilling experience which allows me to contribute to the growth of our [limnology] discipline and gives me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life,” she said.

A priority for ASLO is to encourage collaboration among scientists from a wide range of backgrounds. Currently, while based in the African region, Manda would like to expand on the work that she has already begun and raise ASLO’s profile in this region. “Despite having much to offer, students and scientists from developing countries sometimes don’t always have the tools and opportunities that researchers from developed countries have. Thus, I hope to take an active role in helping under-represented populations become active members within the society as we can learn a lot from each other,” she said.

Manda Kambikambi

Manda had the following to say about her appointment:

a)      How is one elected to serve on the board?

ASLO functions as a participatory democracy, which means that members of ASLO get to nominate their fellow members to stand for election. The slate of candidates is then selected by the Nominations Committee. ASLO members then vote for their preferred candidates.

b)      What does serving on the ASLO board entail? What will you be doing?

The primary commitment for all board members is to actively participate in all meetings whether online or face-to-face. Board members are also expected to engage in board discussions throughout the year. Student board members bring a student perspective to the board and share responsibilities among all board members. They may also chair and serve on ad hoc standing committees, or handle special projects.

c)       How many members does the board have and are all student members from various institutions?

There are 13 board members in total. 5 Executive Officers, 8 Members-at-Large and 2 Student Board Members (Myself and Edna Fernandez-Figueroa from Auburn University).

You can read more about the board from this link:

d)      For how long is your term of service?

It is a three-year term of service. Mine will be ending in 2024.

e)      How can one get involved in ASLO’s activities?

ASLO is currently running a new early career researcher (ECR) webinar series, ‘Amplifying Voices: ECRs making waves in aquatic sciences’. This series will focus on promoting the exciting work of early career aquatic scientists from underrepresented groups in our global community. ASLO welcomes everyone (including non-ASLO members) to apply to present novel research on any aspect of aquatic science, freshwater or marine.

Other initiatives and calls currently open:

f)        Any other remarks you wish to make?

I would encourage everyone, particularly students and early career researchers to join ASLO. Students from developing countries have a $0 membership fee and enjoy the many benefits of membership offers such as;

  • Full electronic access to all ASLO journals.
  • Discounts when you publish in ASLO journals.
  • Discounts on conference registration.
  • Member only conference travel grants for students and early career professionals.
  • Member-only 35% discount on Wiley print books, unlimited quantities, no minimum order.
  • Exclusive member-only high-impact professional development opportunities for our student and early-career members, including the LOREX program which is fostering first-time collaborations and international exchanges between labs and ASLO.
  • Member-only access to apply for the Raelyn Cole Editorial Fellowship, a first of its kind ASLO early-career opportunity for training in the art of scientific editing.

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