News » New report reveals shocking global decline in migratory fish

New report reveals shocking global decline in migratory fish

The World Fish Migration Foundation has released the first-ever Living Planet Index for Migratory Freshwater Fish. The report finds that globally monitored migratory freshwater fish populations have declined by a staggering 76% on average since 1970. Europe's average decline has been more pronounced with an average 93% drop. In Latin America and the Caribbean, populations have declined by an average of 84%. The findings within this report confirm that migratory freshwater fish may be more threatened throughout their range than previously thought. 

Many of you already know that migratory fish play a critical role in keeping our rivers, lakes, wetlands and oceans healthy by supporting a complex food web. They are also a critically important resource for millions of people around the world! But it is clear that a lot of people around us are not aware of this yet - that needs to change! 

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Making a difference together

The moment is right to involve more people, speak up, and restore rivers. Help us to spread this message, join us on World Fish Migration Day to inspire more action, and volunteer for local activities that support river restoration. Let's keep the momentum going of getting this issue higher on the political agenda and let's do it together.