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Invasive carp used by subsistence anglers, Lake Gariep Fisheries for species such as catfish coule be important Bruce Ellender interviewing a subsistence angler

In September 2015 Prof Olaf Weyl received the WRC 2015 Knowledge Tree Research Award for Informing Policy and Decision Making. According to the WRC, these awards are presented to “a few individuals and project teams went way beyond the call of duty in their efforts to make their research real and relevant to others.” 

Over the last few years Prof Weyl’s research group has focused on generating better knowledge on the distributions, spread and impacts of alien invasive species in South Africa.

Research focuses on important inland fisheries in the region that are based on non-native species and discusses the trade-off between ecological impacts of fish introductions and the need to address national policy objectives of economic development, food security and poverty eradication.

 A paper that addresses the human dimensions of alien invasive species management provides a first assessment of conflicts that have developed between economic and conservation objectives, with an emphasis on existing and evolving legislation, implementation strategies and the sometimes innovative approaches that have been used to prioritise conservation areas and manage non-native fishes in conflict situations.  Read more