SAIAB News » Home coming for new NRF DCEO - Dr Clifford Nxomani

From Left: Dr Clifford Nxomani with SAIAB's Managing Director, Dr Angus Paterson and NRF DCEO: RISA - Dr Gansen Pillay

 Dr Angus Paterson, MD of SAIAB (centre), with the newly appointed NRF Deputy Chief Executive Officer for National Research Infrastructure Platforms, Dr Clifford Nxomani (left).

Dr Nxomani visited SAIAB recently with Dr Gansen Pillay, NRF Deputy Chief Executive Officer: Research and Innovation Support and Advancement (RISA) - on right.

For Dr Nxomani the visit was something of a home coming: he started his academic career in ichthyology and was based at at SAIAB when he was a student. While visiting the institute was able to catch up with old friends and colleagues from SAIAB.

Clifford Nxomani with Prof Paul Skelton previous MD at SAIABClifford Nxomani and Vanessa Rouhani