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Embedding Nucleus & RRI principles at SciCom100 Conference


07 November 2018 

By: Lucky Dlamini – DST/NRF-SAIAB Communications Intern


Highlights of day 1 of SciCom 100 Conference attended by Penny Haworth at CREST, Stellenbosch University.

The Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology (CREST) hosted a science communication research conference (SciCOM100) from 5 – 7 November 2018 with the theme ‘Science communication in a democratic South Africa: prospects and challenges’

SAIAB’s very own thought leader in science communication, Penny Haworth (Communications & Governance Manager) presented at SciCom100’s inaugural about SAIAB’s collaboration as one of 10 international test sites of the NUCLEUS Project, a four-year European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation project.

Penny Haworth engaging with delegates attending the SciCom100 Conference.

The opening was insightful with debates about social media in science communication, lessons and challenges in using indigenous languages, and a demonstration of how engaged research works on the ground in South Africa. This is where Haworth spoke of responsible research from Europe to South Africa in terms of SAIAB’s engaged research work locally as an embedded Nucleus partner. Haworth led a stimulating discussion of how SAIAB is embedding Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in its research.

Read more of how SAIAB is implementing RRI by visiting:

Penny Haworth speaking of the need to redefine the way we talk to communities, so that the conversation is
really a conversation
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Speaking of how SAIAB has embedded the concept of engaged researchers into its institutional strategy and governance frameworks, Haworth explained that: “South African researchers don’t know the term ‘Responsible Research & Innovation’ (RRI), so we prefer to call it ’engaged research’.” 

Building on the discussion of the Nucleus RRI project in SA, Penny Haworth informs the audience that RRI is better
understood to SA researchers as 'engaged research'
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Haworth joined forces with Professor Janice Limson (SA Chair in Biotechnology Innovation and Engagement and Director of the Rhodes University Biotechnology Innovation Centre - RUBIC) where they both talked about the value of bringing communities into their research work. Limson’s students use community engagement as a way to test prototypes and understand the needs of the communities they are trying to uplift.

Penny Haworth reminds delegates to integrate science communication actively into the governance
structures in their research entities.
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This is how Penny Haworth is building Responsible Research and Innovation #RRI into
a cohesive long-term strategy at

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