News » Beyond Jaws: Rediscovering South Africa’s Lost Sharks

SAIAB Seminar Series 2021

Thursday 6 May, 06:00PM Johannesburg 

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Beyond Jaws: Rediscovering South Africa’s Lost Sharks

The public’s perception of sharks often conjures up images of a large, fearsome, toothy predator, with its large dorsal fin cutting its way through the waters’ surface. However, the reality is that sharks and their relatives, the rays (flatsharks) and chimaeras (ghostsharks), come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and can be informative of the health of the marine environment. South Africa has one of the richest and most diverse chondrichthyan faunas in the world. Despite such a rich and diverse fauna, the majority of sharks and their relatives have largely been “lost” while a few large charismatic sharks overshadow the majority of shark species.

Dr Dave Ebert - The Lost Shark Guy - spearheads global efforts to find and discover little and unknown sharks, with his research forming a foundation for developing future research and improved conservation and management policies.

Dr David A. Ebert

Pacific Shark Research Center, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories;

SAIAB Honorary Research Associate

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