Dr Rhett Bennett

Research angling in Algoa Bay Tagging kob in Angola Underwater photography in Mozambique
Dart tagging a white steenbras in the Transkei Diver operated stereo video survey in Mozambique Servicing acoustic receivers in Algoa Bay
Dr Rhett Bennett
Dr Rhett Bennett

Research Interests

Ecology and management of coastal fishes

My research interests include fish movement, ecology, community structure, population genetics, conservation, management and long-term monitoring. 

My current research forms part of several national and international collaborative acoustic telemetry programmes studying large scale coastal migrations of important fish and elasmobranch species, to obtain information on movement behaviour that can assist with their management. I am also part of a small team that manages the National Research Foundation’s national Acoustic Telemetry Array Platform, and the Ocean Tracking Network South Africa array.

Prior to my current position, I conducted a freelance marine fisheries research expedition to assess the biodiversity and status of corals and coral reef fishes along the East African coastline, from Mozambique to Kenya. The data are currently being analysed and the results of the expedition will hopefully help towards improving management policies for coral reef fisheries in these countries. 

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