Assessing nursery habitats for estuary-associated fish species

Little is known about the relative importance of the habitat types found in South African estuaries and their nursery value for estuary-dependent marine species. Similarly, although littoral marine habitats also provide important nursery areas for different or overlapping sets of fish assemblages less attention has been focused on the nursery function of the marine nearshore environment (particularly for small juvenile fish). The identification of essential nursery habitats and factors governing the recruitment of juvenile fish into nursery areas is imperative to better manage and conserve coastal and estuarine species and is the focus of several projects.

Funding: NRF, SAIAB, Rhodes University, DAFF

Duration: 2010-ongoing

Researchers and collaborators:

Dr Nikki James, SAIAB

Dr Anusha Rajkaran, Rhodes University

Dr Warren Potts, Rhodes University

Dr Motebeng Naikin, Walter Sisulu University

Dr Amber Childs, Rhodes University


Students: Ms Phakama Nodo, Mr Timothy Leslie, Mr Eugin Bornman