Dr Nikki James

Senior Scientist
Dr Nikki James
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Research Interests

Estuarine and coastal fish
Global change and impacts on estuarine and coastal systems

Dr Nicola James is a senior scientist at the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity. Since joining SAIAB as a scientist in 2009 climate and global change has been the focus of her research. This research is comprised of three main approaches. The first is based on observations, primarily to detect changes in species abundance and distributions related to temperature and extreme events. The second approach uses ecophysiology to identify the physiological mechanisms driving the response of fishes to changes in temperature and pH. The third approach uses ecological niche modelling and genetic data to evaluate the responses of species to climate change.

Dr James also has an interest in coastal and estuarine fish communities and has students working on projects assessing the nursery value of both coastal and estuarine habitats for estuary-dependent marine species. Dr James is an internationally rated scientist on the NRF rating system and has supervised three BSc honours students and four MSc students. She is currently supervising one honours student, three MSc students and four PhD students.

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