Dr Josie South

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Dr Josie South

Research Interests

Predator-prey dynamics especially regarding invasive species

Understanding predator – prey dynamics is integral to community ecology and conservation planning due to predation being a strong driver of community dynamics. Using comparative functional response analysis as a tool it is possible to create novel and informative experiments to understand how predation changes with resource density, predator density and under a suite of environmental contexts.

I am looking to provide information on the way in which invasive predators exploit resources and how to reduce the negative impact of aquatic invaders in Southern Africa. I am also developing ways in which to assess and quantify biotic resistance of native predators towards potential and established invaders under different abiotic scenarios and therefore understanding how to boost natural biotic resistance through management of habitat and species. I am particularly interested in understanding how attack behaviours can be mediated by environment, whether individual personality can be used to predict resource utilisation and how functional traits can be used as a tool to assess and predict predator – prey interaction strengths.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Marine Biology (honours project on Caribbean lionfish invasion) and went on to do complete my PhD at Queen’s University Belfast. My PhD used novel techniques to investigate how climate change may affect the sustainability of Northern Irish Sea fisheries.

Prof. Jaimie Dick Queen's University, Belfast Prof. Robert Britton Bournmouth University

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