Dr Francesca Porri

Dr Francesca Porri
Tel : 046 603 5859

Research Interests

Coastal systems; Marine biology; organismal and population ecology.
Larval connectivity.

Marine systems, especially the interface between the benthic and pelagic environment, are the core of my research, but the theoretical and applied questions related to my studies are fundamental issues of general ecology and conservation of biodiversity. My research incorporates organismal-, community- and ecosystem- based approaches in a range of systems, from mangroves to sandy beaches, from estuaries to coastal and on key exploited resources critical for their role in biodiversity.

My primary research focus is the early life-history processes that influence invertebrate population dynamics, to which I have started to incorporate multidisciplinary quantitative approaches to identify which life history stages respond to environmental change in such a way as to have the greatest consequences for population dynamics. A central component of my research is larval connectivity and its influence on population dynamics. Investigating processes like larval dispersal and recruitment into adult populations is fundamental for making predictions on population resilience and response to human driven change.

Current Students

  • Jaqui Trassierra (Rhodes University)
  • Kerry-Ann Van der Walt (Rhodes University)
  • Zinzi Nokwali (Walter Sisulu University)

Current Students

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