SAIAB’s research team focuses its attention on the full spectrum of aquatic environments: from marine offshore to continental freshwater catchments.

Research covers ecology and conservation biology that links biodiversity at molecular and organism levels with the environment and genetic and species diversity.

Conservation Biology & Ecology (CBE)
Focuses on understanding the processes underpinning aquatic biodiversity in order to inform the conservation of those resources.

Molecular Biology & Systematics (MBS)
Focuses on the exploration and description of southern African aquatic biodiversity from a molecular to a community level.

Researchers at SAIAB and their areas of study are listed below:

Dr Eric Anderson

Systematics and natural history of marine fishes
Reproductive ecology and behaviour of fishes

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Dr Anthony Bernard

National assessment of South Africa’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

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Roger Bills

Biogeography and systematics of freshwater fishes
Conservation genetics and management of threatened freshwater fishes

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Dr Pedro Braganca

Integrative taxonomy and Biogeography of African freshwater fishes

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Dr Albert Chakona

My research interests span the fields of ecology, phylogeography, historical biogeography, systematics and conservation.

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Professor Paul Cowley

Biology, ecology and movement of coastal fishes
Management of declining fishery resources

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Dr Carla Edworthy

Supervisor: Dr Nikki James

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Dr Bruce Ellender

Inland fisheries and freshwater fish conservation

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Dr Chantel Elston

The distribution patterns and spatial ecology of selected batoids along the South African coastline

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Dr Jessica Glass

Population genomics and phylogenomics of marine fishes

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Ofer Gon

Marine fish systematics
Biology and ecology of marine fishes
History of ichthyology in South Africa

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Dr Gavin Gouws

Biodiversity science and the molecular systematics of aquatic organisms.

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Wouter Holleman

Systematics of Tripterygiidae and Clinidae
Coral reef conservation and Science Education

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Dr Nikki James

Estuarine and coastal fish
Global change and impacts on estuarine and coastal systems

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Dr Dumisani Khosa

Species distributions and their interactions with the environment

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Dr Mandla Magoro

Research Interests

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Dr Lubabalo Mofu

Inland Fisheries and Freshwater Ecology

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Dr Taryn Murray

Movement ecology and distribution patterns of aquatic animals

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Dr Lizaan de Necker

Freshwater ecology and biodiversity in southern Africa in the face of climate change.

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Dr Ana Luisa Nunes

Distribution and impacts of alien freshwater crayfish species in South Africa

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Matt Parkinson

Technical and field support to the Acoustic Tracking Array Platform

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Dr Josephine Pegg

An investigation into the biology and impacts of common carp Cyprinus carpio in South Africa

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Dr Francesca Porri

Coastal systems; Marine biology; organismal and population ecology.
Larval connectivity.

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Professor Paul Skelton

Systematics and biogeography of African freshwater fishes
Management of scientific collections and institutions

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Dr Josie South

Predator-prey dynamics especially regarding invasive species

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Denis Tweddle

African freshwater fishes

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Dr Kerry-Ann van der Walt

Thermal physiology and the effects of climate change on early life stages of fish and invertebrates in urban coastal systems

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Professor Olaf Weyl

It is with great sadness that SAIAB announces the passing of Professor Olaf Weyl on Saturday 14th November 2020. Doing what he loved best, Olaf was chasing fish in mountain streams looking for new trout genetics sampling sites.

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Professor Alan Whitfield

Estuarine ecology

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