Biogeography of Tropical and Sub-tropical African fishes

Terrapin Breede River Redfins Aquatic plant flower
Electrofishing Lucala waterfall Crab Bass from the Gourits


Several broad phylogenies are being constructed to understand the evolution of drainages in Tropical and Sub-tropical Africa. Closest to completion is a phylogeny of African species of ‘Barbus’. Progress has been made in understanding global cyprinid relationships through the Cyprinid Tree of Life initiative (CToL). Other major phylogenies under construction focus on mormyrids, characins, poeciliids, amphiliids, mochokids and the cyprinid genus Labeo. SAIAB is collaborating with the Africa Earth Observation Network at the University of Cape Town to compare phylogenetic relationships of fishes with known earth history, which will enable a better understanding of the evolution of drainage patterns of Tropical and Sub-tropical African rivers.