Dr Dumisani Khosa

Post Doc Researcher
Dr Dumisani Khosa

Research Interests

Species distributions and their interactions with the environment

Uncovering biodiversity is an inherent feature in understanding ecosystem functioning and is one of the most integral goals of ecology. Species distribution modelling (SDM) can be used to explore a wide range of questions to inform ecological and conservation priorities. For example, SDM can be used to understand historic and current species distributions to inform evolutionary relationships of closely related species, and further predict how climate change will affect future species distributions.

My research seeks to provide information on how the environmental variables influence the distributions of species, with a specific focus on non-native species. Understanding the distributions of species will help in developing focused management strategies and the implementation of the National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act (NEMBA) regulations in South Africa. I further incorporate functional responses analysis to elucidate resource utilisation by individual species, and further identify the drivers of resource utilisation.  

I completed my undergraduate degree in Biodiversity and Conservation at the University of Venda, and went on to complete my PhD at Rhodes University. My PhD focused on understanding the distributions and the subsequent impacts of the non-native Black Bass species in South Africa.

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