Dr Bruce Ellender

Honorary Research Associate
Dr Bruce Ellender

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Research Interests

Inland fisheries and freshwater fish conservation

My passion for conservation, especially that of the aquatic environment has led me to pursue a career in the biological sciences. I hold a PhD in Fisheries Science. I have ten years of research experience conceptualizing, implementing and publishing research projects in a variety of southern African aquatic environments including freshwater, marine and estuarine environments (often in very remote places for extended periods of time). The focus has been to undertake baseline fish and fisheries assessments to develop long-term monitoring protocols in order to contribute to their conservation or sustainable use. My research experience is broad, ranging from fish biology and ecology to the human dimensions of a fishery. I have a proven publishing record having authored/co-authored 29 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 26 conference papers, 4 scientific reports and 9 popular articles. I have the ability to communicate scientific information at various levels ranging from international peer reviewed journals to popular articles. I have strong teamwork tendencies and fosters collaboration between individuals and institutions. I am currently based in Zambia undertaking a situational analysis of the Kafue Flats fishery.

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications

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