Taxonomy of southern African freshwater fishes, particularly Malawi and Zambezi system.

photographing fish on the kwango River Impalila Island community meeting setting fyke nets on Malagarasi
MSc student Richard Peel sampling on the Kwando River Namibia swamp fishing Caprivi Flood plain catch, Caprivi

Describing new species from southern Africa. Most recent: description of eight (8) new sand catlets (genus Zaireichthys); descriptions of new cyprinids from Malawi. Currently investigating new cyprinid species from Malagarasi River, several new species from Malawi, more new sand catlets from Zambia, and several new species in different families from Upper Zambezi system.
Some of the new species awaiting description:

 Aplocheilichthys sp new
Aplocheilichthys sp new
 Zaireichthys sp. 'broad bar' lateral view
 Barbus purple stripe
 Opsaridium bartail