Vision and Mission

SAIAB's state-of-the-art Collection Facility SAIAB's collection reflects a wide diversity of aquatic specimens Coelacanth specimen on display at SAIAB
Larger specimens such as these rays require especially large holding tanks A prized specimen of a juvenile albino Great White Shark Thousands of glass bottles of various types and sizes are used to preserve specimens

SAIAB falls within the 'Biodiversity' cluster of NRF National Facilities with the National Zoological Gardens (NZG) and the South African Environmental Observation Network

Our Vision
Research excellence for the sustainability of Africa’s aquatic environments

Our Mission
To serve the nation through the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge to understanding and solving problems on the conservation and wise use of African aquatic biodiversity

SAIAB’s role within the NRF is to:

  • Conduct scientific research to address South African, SADC and African fish research and research information needs in aquatic biodiversity
  • Manage the National Fish Collection and library
  • Disseminate knowledge of fishes and aquatic biodiversity through publications, conferences, science advancement  and communication
  • Link with stakeholders and partners to facilitate conservation and management of African aquatic systems.