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Emerging freshwater biologists develop field skills


Students learn field research techniques in multi-institutional collaboration to monitor river rehabilitation

Answering the call of the ocean


A new intake of Ocean Stewards will accompany marine scientists on a 30-day expedition

ACEP Imida

ACEP Imida

Proud to be Pi


ORCID celebrates its 3,141,593rd registrant! SAIAB's Prof Olaf Weyl.

RV Phakisa opens new opportunities for marine research


Custom-built coastal craft, R/V Phakisa, opens up new research opportunities for South African marine science

Ethical considerations for field research on fishes


What are the ethical requirements of journals publishing primary research on fishes?

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Cruise sets out to unlock Secrets of the Deep

Deep reefs and the communities that inhabit them are difficult environments to access

Tribute to Dave P. Voorvelt


Senior Artist, JLB Smith Institute of Ichthyology

Seminar: Dr Holly Nel: 20th October 2016


Microplastic, a “macro” problem

Deep Secrets: Cruise News


Science to support the mapping and management of outer shelf and slope ecosystems of South Africa by Kerry Sink and Ryan Palmer