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Seminar: Ivan Martins: 19th July 2017


Vulnerability to and perceptions of climate change among small-scale fishers from the South Brazil Bight

Seminar; Alexei Dreyer: 29th June


Disentangling the influence of spatial and environmental processes in structuring warm-temperate reef fish communities

Seminar: Bernard Erasmus 22 June


Fish on acid: ocean acidification impairs fish growth and skeletal developmen

Emerging freshwater biologists develop field skills


Students learn field research techniques in multi-institutional collaboration to monitor river rehabilitation

Answering the call of the ocean


A new intake of Ocean Stewards will accompany marine scientists on a 30-day expedition

ACEP Imida

ACEP Imida

Proud to be Pi


ORCID celebrates its 3,141,593rd registrant! SAIAB's Prof Olaf Weyl.

RV Phakisa opens new opportunities for marine research


Custom-built coastal craft, R/V Phakisa, opens up new research opportunities for South African marine science

Ethical considerations for field research on fishes


What are the ethical requirements of journals publishing primary research on fishes?

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Cruise sets out to unlock Secrets of the Deep

Deep reefs and the communities that inhabit them are difficult environments to access