National Science Week 2016

NSW logoWith funding awarded from the DST through SAASTA, SAIAB partnered with Rhodes University to offer a number of activities to mark National Science Week 2016. Read more: 
Grocott's Mail 05 August 2016;  
Grocott's Mail 12 August 2016 Special Science Supplement;
Grocott's Mail 19 August 2016 Science goes on air


Celebrations kicked off on 30 July with the Rhodes University Science and Pharmacy Faculty Open Day - catch some of the excitement this generated through this You Tube clip uploaded by Dr Sharli Paphitis from Rhodes Community Engagement and Rhodes website News: Rhodes hosts inaugural Science Open Day.

Wednesday 10 August

Dr Francesca Porri and NRF intern Zinzi Somana (on right) were interviewed by Radio Grahamstown 102.1FM. Here they are in conversation with Paige Muller and Yolulwe Qoshe (left)

As part of our partnership with Grocott’s Mail, Radio Grahamstown and RU School of Journalism & Media Studies for National Science Week, Dr Francesca Porri and NRF intern Zinzi Somana (on right) were interviewed by Radio Grahamstown 102.1FM.

Here they are in conversation with Paige Muller and Yolulwe Qoshe (left). 

On Monday 08 August Radio Grahamstown had also interviewed botanist and mountain ecologist, Dr Ralph Clarke of the alien SWAT team. Dr Clarke talked about how to recognise and deal with alien invasive plant species.


Thursday 11 August 

Prof Karen Chan SAIAB NSW 2016Visiting Professor Kit Yu Karen Chan from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology who is visiting SAIAB as part of her collaborative work with Drs Paula Pattrick and Francesca Porri, presented a special guest lecture entitled: GROWING UP IN A CHANGING WORLD - Stories of larvae and of a larval  ecologist. Her very interesting talk which concentrated on her research into the larval stages of sea  urchins was well received by a capacity audience. Post graduate students were particularly interested in  the information she provided about research and study opportunities for overseas students in Hong Kong  and China.

Her talk was followed by an informal get together in the Margaret Smith Library during which many students took the opportunity to chat with Professor Chan. The Library was also proud to present a special display and quiz competition for NSW.          .


Friday 12 August

Science meet Journalism NSW 2016

 Grocott's Mail, Radio Grahamtown, Rhodes University School of Journalism & Media Studies and SAIAB hosted a panel discussion and workshop entitled 'Science Meets Journalism' at the Africa Media Matrix.

Scientists and journalists gathered to discuss some of the challenges in getting regular science reporting into main stream media. The panel discussion was convened by Sue Maclennan, Editor of Grocott's Mail: panellists tackled probing questions that encouraged some interesting conversation among the audience. Panellists agreed that scientists and journalists need to work together to ensure that science is placed back onto the agenda of mainstream media.  The panel discussion was broadcast on Radio Grahamstown later that morning. See report in Grocott's Mail 19 August 2016.

Media stalwart, Steven Lang, then led a 'science meets journalism' workshop which concentrated on skills that scientists and journalists should have in order to conduct an interview. Particpants engaged in a 3-minute radio interview role play exercise.