MSc postion to study marine larval fish dynamics

MSc position to study marine larval fish dynamics

We are seeking a highly-motivated South African candidate to join our multidisciplinary, Coastal and Ocean Sciences Team (COST).

The position is on a full-time basis for two years, starting in February 2018.

Please see details of the project below.

Larval fish dynamics within the coastal nearshore of the Eastern Cape, South Africa

The development and growth of fishes in their early stages is largely determined by the characteristics of the
surrounding water mass. Describing larval fish distribution at fine scales resolves underlying mechanisms, revealing
important information on dispersal, survival and aggregation. This project will quantitatively assess the relationship of
larval fish distribution, to fine-scale environmental features, including ocean hydrodynamics, to address some of these
fundamental drivers of fish population dynamics.
The deadline for submission is 31 January 2018.