Ofer Gon

Sargocentron caudimacuatum, Red Sea (Ofer Gon) Haemulon macrostomum, Florida Keys (Ofer Gon) Epinephelus fasciatus, Red Sea (Ofer Gon)
Fish identification course at SAIAB Research in Kenya Collecting fish in KZN
Senior Aquatic Biologist
Ofer Gon
Tel : +27 46 603 5828
Fax : +27 46 622 2403

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Research Interests

Marine fish systematics
Biology and ecology of marine fishes
History of ichthyology in South Africa


Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications


Gon, O. & Y.C. Liao & K.-T. Shao.  2015.  A new species of the cardinalfish genus Jaydia (Teleostei: Apogonidae) from the Philippines.  Zootaxa 3980 (2): 286-292.


Gon, O., G.R. Allen, M.V. Erdmann& G. Gouws. 2014. A new species of the cardinalfish genus Siphamia (Perciformes, Apogonidae) from West Papua, Indonesia.  Zootaxa 3881 (4): 328–340.

 Gon, O. & A.L. Stewart. 2014. Description of a new species of Microstoma (Pisces, Microstomatidae) from the southwestern Pacific Ocean.  Zootaxa 3884 (1): 55–64.

Gon, O. & A.L. Stewart. 2014. Description of a new species of the genus Bathylagichthys (Pisces, Bathylagidae) from New Zealand.  Zootaxa 3884 (4): 371–378.

Maake, P.A., O. Gon & E.R. Swartz. 2014. Descriptions of three new species ofMarcusenius Gill, 1862 (Teleostei: Mormyridae) from South Africa and Mozambique.  Zootaxa 3780 (3): 455-480.

Miya, T, O. Gon, M. Mwale & C.–H. C. Cheng. 2014. The effect of habitat temperature on serum antifreeze glycoprotein (AFGP) activity in Notothenia rossii (Pisces: Nototheniidae) in the Southern Ocean.  Polar Biol. 37: 367-373.


Gon, O., G. Gouws, J. Mwaluma & M. Mwale. 2013. Re-description of two species of the cardinalfish genus Archamia (Teleostei: Apogonidae) from the Red Sea and Western Indian Ocean.  Zootaxa 3608 (7): 587–594.

Gon, O. & S.V. Bogorodsky & A.O. Mal. 2013. Description of a new species of the cardinalfish genus Pseudamiops (Perciformes, Apogonidae) from the Red Sea.  Zootaxa 3701 (1): 093–100.

Maake, P.A., M. Mwale, S.M. Dippenaar & O. Gon. 2013. Mitochondrial and nuclear DNA reveals a complete lineage sorting of Glossogobius callidus (Teleostei: Gobiidae) in southern Africa.  Afr. J. Aquat. Sci. 38 (Supplement 1): 15-29.