SAIAB News » Seminar: Ivan Martins: 19th July 2017


Ivan Martins
Fisheries Ecosystems Laboratory (LabPesq) of the University of São Paulo, Brazil

Vulnerability to and perceptions of climate change among small-scale fishers from the South Brazil Bight

Coastal fishing communities are closely linked to the biological and ecological characteristics of exploited resources and to the physical conditions associated with climate, oceans and coastal zone dynamics. Thus, human populations that depend on fisheries are inherently exposed to climate variability and uncertainty.

In order to better understand climate change impacts on coastal fishing communities, my PhD research aims to describe and analyze fishing communities’ vulnerability and perceptions on climate change in the South Brazil Bight region.

The study is covering eight fishing communities representing a comprehensive sample of the regional characteristics, with a total of 151 fishers’ households surveyed. My findings will improve the understanding of climate-fisheries-human interactions in the study area, and to provide input for local and national adaptation plans.

Date: Wednesday, 19th July 2017

Time: 10.30am

Venue: Lecture Room, DIFS