Dr Taryn Murray

Taryn Murray (left) and Canadian researchers tagging Atlantic sturgeon in the Bay of Fundy, Canada (pic: T Rounds) The Kowie Estuary at the end of a long day in the field   Dr Amber Childs (Rhodes University) and Taryn Murray preparing for a day in the field on the Kowie Estuary (pic: A Kaus)
Taryn Murray and Dylan Howell servicing an acoustic receiver and temperature logger in the Bushmans Estuary (pic: PD Cowley) Getting ready to catch some adult fish along the Sundays surf. Downloading acoustic receivers in the Kowie River at Waters Meeting in Bathurst
ATAP Instrument Scientist
Dr Taryn Murray

Research Interests

Fish movement behaviour

My research interests lie in understanding teleost movement and migratory behaviour. During my PhD research, I focused on assessing movement behaviour of estuary-dependent leervis/garrick in two different estuaries along the South African coastline and identifying the factors that may have influenced their movements.

Currently, I am involved in studying the coastal movements of a number of estuary-dependent fishery species (e.g. dusky kob, white steenbras, spotted grunter and leervis), how these species are influenced by the physico-chemical environment in which they exist, and how important estuaries are to the adult fishes. In addition, I am involved in data management of SAIAB’s Acoustic Tracking Array Platform (ATAP)– a collaborative marine science programme aiming to provide a service to the greater marine science community by monitoring the movements and migrations of inshore marine animals. 

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