Dr Taryn Murray

Taryn Murray and Dylan Howell servicing an acoustic receiver and temperature logger in the Bushmans Estuary (pic: PD Cowley) Taryn Murray (left) and Canadian researchers tagging Atlantic sturgeon in the Bay of Fundy, Canada (pic: T Rounds) Downloading acoustic receivers in the Kowie River at Waters Meeting in Bathurst
Getting ready to catch some adult fish along the Sundays surf. The Kowie Estuary at the end of a long day in the field   Dr Amber Childs (Rhodes University) and Taryn Murray preparing for a day in the field on the Kowie Estuary (pic: A Kaus)
ATAP Data Scientist
Dr Taryn Murray

Research Interests

Fish movement behaviour

My research interests lie in understanding teleost movement and migratory behaviour. During my PhD research, I focused on assessing movement behaviour of estuary-dependent leervis/garrick in two different estuaries along the South African coastline and identifying the factors that may have influenced their movements.

Currently, I am involved in studying the coastal movements of a number of estuary-dependent fishery species (e.g. dusky kob, white steenbras, spotted grunter and leervis), how these species are influenced by the physico-chemical environment in which they exist, and how important estuaries are to the adult fishes. In addition, I am involved in data management of SAIAB’s Acoustic Tracking Array Platform (ATAP)– a collaborative marine science programme aiming to provide a service to the greater marine science community by monitoring the movements and migrations of inshore marine animals. 

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