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Not All Seafood is Equal

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The unsustainable harvest of the world’s oceans has led to the depletion, and in some cases collapse, of many of the world’s major fish stocks.

While the outlook for many threatened marine ecosystems remains bleak in the face of unsustainable fishing practices, those involved in the seafood industry are realising that by changing the way they conduct business now the long-term viability of their industry can be ensured. Produced in conjunction with the Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI), this poster illustrates some of the species found on the SASSI Consumer Species List. The list tells you about which seafood species are legal and sustainable choices from South African fish populations.

The most sustainable choices are from the healthiest and best managed populations and are shown on the Green list.

The Orange list advocates exercising caution when choosing these fish as there are reasons for concern.

The Red List designates species that are illegal to buy or sell in South Africa.

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