ACEP Open Call Projects

The vision of ACEP is to “Build the capacity to sustain the processes which support life.” This achieved by providing the South African Marine research community with the means to conduct high quality multi-disciplinary research, fostering collaborations between institutions and providing student bursaries to facilitate training and capacity building.

To ensure open, transparent and competitive funding structure, an open research call is distributed by the NRF every three years. This initiative allowed for any researcher or research consortium to submit a bid for research funding and support through ACEP. Since 2007 ACEP has supported 17 large multi-disciplinary projects.

Projects are as follows:


Fisheries induced evolution on fish physiology
Deep Forests
CAPTOR - Connectivity And disPersal beTween prOtected aReas
Canyon Connections: The ecological role of submarine canyons on the east coast of South Africa


Influence of the Agulhas Current oceanography on the biodiversity of the Transkei Shelf
Benthic Biodiversity from the Agulhas Bioregion as a source of new pharmaceuticals
Interdisciplinary spatial solutions for marine conservation planning
“Imida” – Frontiers
Pathways of larval dispersal: the roles of alongshore and cross shore transport
Deep Secrets: the outer shelf and slope ecosystems of the Eastern Cape


An assessment of benthic biodiversity of Walter’s Shoal
Bioregions as biodiversity surrogates in marine conservation planning
Bentho pelagic mechanisms of inshore coastal waters
Movement ranges and time scales in marine predators – acute and seasonal environmental drivers.
The Suitcase Project


Phylogeography and ecological genetics of marine fish of the South West Indian Ocean
Integrated biodiversity and process study of African coelacanths and their ecosystems
The circulation of the South-West Indian Ocean
Developing marine scientific consciousness and community of practice in the South African community
The geological evolution & sedimentary dynamics of the northern KZN continental shelf and its canyon
Ecosystem processes in the KZN Bight: linking geological, biological and physical processes to understand ecosystem functioning.